Double-Minded or Undivided

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The wrestling match is real. Paul made it very clear about the struggle between the flesh and Spirit. Whether you see it through the lens of Christian or secular, Babylon or the Kingdom of God, or truth and error it will find it’s root in flesh and Spirit.

In my journey out of the system into the lifestyle of devotion to Jesus, it has exposed this reality: being double-minded can only be exposed and conquered through being undivided concerning Jesus. One thing is the direction…

While in the system I was constantly going back and forth on identity, which leads to confusion of direction, purpose, and sense of destiny. For example, I was told I needed to sell product because it helps people and keeps the ministry going. But inside it never felt right. My authenticity was many times swallowed up in what I thought was required of me…to produce. 

I struggled with ministry concepts, especially ministry based outreach, should we or not? If we plan it, will they be co-dependent on us to become evangelistic? Shouldn’t every believer evangelize? Or should we disciple through small groups because that creates community and fulfills the Great Commission? But, shouldn’t that be organic and happening on a consistent basis? Should I continue to accept invitations to minister to places that have not sustained the last move of the Spirit we experienced there? The questions never end in double-mindedness.

I struggled with balancing life and ministry. I must go and equip the body but at the expense of my family? I need to spend intimate moments with Jesus but I got to preach four services this week. Ministry or intimacy? This may have been the biggest source of double-mindedness I experienced.

The point is, we have so many different angles on life, ministry, and destiny due to the fact we live divided. We live in a post-modern society where everything is questioned and truth is not absolute but situational. What may be true for you may not be true for me. But if truth is A MAN, who claims to be the way, truth, and life our undivided attention should be set on Him.

James, the brother of Jesus, made it plain when he said, “Let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all of his ways.” (James 1:7-8. NKJV)

This verse in context is about wisdom and asking in faith without doubt to the God who gives liberally. The root of double-mindedness is doubt. Doubt is what causes us to question truth, Jesus, the way we should go, and how we should do it. Only undivided affection upon Jesus is the answer to double-mindedness.

The greatest testimony I can share with you comes from a conversation I had with my wife. After years of her watching me go back and forth from what I knew Yahweh said and what the system told me I had to do, we both noticed something. When I came under apostolic government and began my journey in being seated in devotion the natural byproduct was singleness of heart. 

Being focused upon Jesus brought authenticity, peace, security, and ultimately love. Doubt began to dissipate in the consistency of devotion. So I leave you with this thought: You can be cured of double-mindedness but you must become undivided in your devotion!

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