Willing to Be Misunderstood?

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By Mark Casto

12 September 2016


Five hundred years ago a young man, Martin Luther, nailed the “95 theses” on the door of a church hoping to start a conversation but instead caused a reformation. He was sick of the systems of men and the religion that kept people from knowing Jesus intimately. And once again, we are in the infancy of a new reformation.

Reformers are coming forth from intimate devotion to Jesus as lovestruck brides who will not let popular church culture sway her. She honors the past but refuses to live in it. She dreams of the future, but her focus is on being present in the presence of her Bridegroom now.

Her enemy will not be the world, because she will cause them to wonder. Her enemy will be the religious trying to silence her passion, for it reveals their pursuit of guarding religious positions, unbiblical ambitions, and finances. Her devotion to Jesus will expose that they have nothing to offer now, only promises of a future to come and stories of generation’s past.

This is not her time of battle, but her time in the bed chamber. She is leaving the house of warfare filled with demonic fascination and has moved into the house of wine filled with Spirit intoxication. Yes the battle rages, but she is not aware for her Bridegroom is the host of heaven’s armies that are sent to war on her behalf. They simply speak back and forth, while angelic intervention protects their intimacy.

Will you answer this call of fresh devotion as bride to Bridegroom? Are you willing to be misunderstood by the warriors on the battlefield to cultivate intimacy as a bride? Or do you have to be understood to protect your reputation? I would rather stand before Him on the judgment day and Him know me intimately than have all the accolades of ministry and Him say “Depart from me you worker of lawlessness, I never knew you intimately.”



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One Comment

  • I read this today and just sobbed as this is who I am and everything God is bringing me personally into the past 2 years. It’s very lonely and right now the true test is the willingness to truly stand out instead of fall in line. The system and me have never connected… and God is calling me and my husband completely away and out and it’s scary and there’s so many unknowns. But being so in love with Jesus and pleasing him and going after his heart to reach people and live truth is far greater then the sacrifice of living as a echo in man’s agendas and religious systems.

    Thank you so much as this was needed today! ❤



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