Saying No to Religion’s Majority

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Saying No To Religion's Majority - Is there room for authenticity?

By Mark Casto

19 June 2017

[easy-tweet tweet=”“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain” via=”no”]

Why do you do the things that you do? Why do you believe the things you believe? Although I believe there is absolute truth how do you know what you have learned is absolute? The world has a way of pushing us down stream and discouraging anyone from going against it. We are a world full of polls to help us navigate life. All the while trying to ignore the authenticity within that makes us peculiar.

For instance, if you are a pastor then culture says you should be poor, speak only to spiritual issues, and to stand for Biblical truth is actually hate. But truth be told, religion has a majority and a say for us too. If you are gifted, charismatic, and show up regularly for church events, then you must be called into the ministry. It makes me wonder, how much of religion’s majority has stolen man’s authenticity in order to be apart of the “ministry”?

Even though we live in a post-modern society where truth is relative and all things are in question. There is no doubt many things we have learned come from religion’s majority and need to be questioned. Religion has created systems and traditions of men that have not only caused us to be isolated from the culture, but keep many from authentic expressions that could actually transform it!

There are several movements that are rising up in the earth today that are led by fathers granting permission for this generation to be authentic. They are breaking off these religious mindsets that place a peculiar people into a box called “normal.” However, we still have a long ways to go. We got to quit pushing anyone with a radical pursuit into a pulpit and start giving them permission to go after Jesus until they began to express His image to the culture. 

That image is not you carrying a Bible to Starbucks, listening to loud Christian music with your windows down, or wearing your “I Love my Church” t-shirt around town. The image of the Creator is best seen in allowing the authentic you to shine forth in the midst of whatever situation you find yourself in. Whether you work in a Fortune 500 company or you are a nail tech in a salon, your identity is not in what you do, it’s the person who emerges as you continue in the pursuit of intimacy with Jesus.

Recently at Camp Ascend I met a young girl from Columbus, OH. She had her first real encounter with Jesus during the very first service. This girl was a very talented basketball player, I found out in person by ignorantly trying to play a game of tip against her. In the middle of the game she stopped and told me something I will not forget. She said that she never really did the “girly” thing because of being an athlete. But when she got into the Presence of Jesus she could picture herself wearing a dress, swinging it back and forth in her hands.

Culture tried to tell this tall and beautiful girl to be masculine because she is an athlete. But in the raw Presence of Jesus her true identity began to emerge. What has culture told you to do or be? Do you know the authentic you? There is only one way to find out. Break away from cultural stereotypes and religion to pursue the Presence of Jesus. As you learn to abide within that Presence, day-by-day, the true you will come forth. Don’t fight it, yield to it, and most importantly go for it! Don’t be afraid to question religion’s majority, its the only thing keeping you from discovering the real YOU!

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