Devotion Is A Privilege

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By Mark Casto

11 May 2016

Devotion has become the word that has revolutionized my entire life. It’s more than reading two paragraphs of a book and firing off your top ten list of needs. Devotion is a lifestyle that begins in the secret place of each believer. It can be expressed in all different ways but the main elements are reading and meditating upon the word and conversation with the Lord which includes speaking and listening. Many times my secret place devotion is just me saying thanks, declaring His goodness, and asking for more! Other times silence is the only thing necessary. There is no right or wrong way to do devotion.

Nevertheless I am learning that since I was called by the Lord my heart has been to pursue His heart in the secret place of prayer. I have not always been consistent or faithful in that daily pursuit, but I have kept it as a pursuit and never given up on making it the priority of my life. I have excelled at times and failed in consistency in others. But for whatever reason the Lord would continue to draw me closer and closer to where prayer is not optional in my life. The morning is preferred, but if I have too I get that alone time at some point in my day. If the Bible says I can do nothing if I don’t abide in Him (John 15), then secret place abiding in Christ is not optional.

After looking over the past ten years of pursuing Him in secret I realize that the only thing that has distracted me from this great privilege of devotion is my own agenda. At the end of the day, you make time for what is important to you. We are always going to make excuses for ourselves, making things seem so important…but in light of eternity is what you are doing more important than talking to the Creator of everything seen and unseen? I was reading a brand new translation of the Bible recently called “The Passion Translation” and in Luke 10 we find the story we all know of the two sisters, Mary and Martha.

Martha is busy taking care of duties in the house and Mary is just sitting at the feet of Jesus. We have all heard the messages of balancing the two sisters inside us. I’m no longer interested in balancing the two, I want to fully give myself to the best part. The Passion translation of Luke 10:41-42 Jesus says,

“Martha, my beloved Martha, Why are you upset and troubled, pulled away by all these distractions? Are they really that important? 42Mary has discovered the one thing most important by choosing the most beautiful place of sitting at my feet. She is undistracted, and I won’t take this privilege from her.”

Devotion, or sitting at His feet, is the most important thing we can do. This is not my words but His! I’ve done a deeper word study and Jesus actually rebukes Martha for being distracted by her own agenda. We need to quit allowing people who are only concerned with their own agenda to convince us that there is something better than sitting at His feet. I’m not excusing work or giving permission to laziness. But I am saying that if you will make time for His feet you will actually live “a life of significance not striving for whatever everyone else calls success.” (Teaching from Apostle Damon Thompson)

There are many people that I know who in the name of ministry are “successful” and yet they are spending time doing things to keep people entertained instead of actually doing what they really want to do. In the name of success they have traded what is significant to their own heart. I want to stir those up who would rather sit at His feet until they get a whisper on how to spend their lives in a significant way. This devotional life is a privilege and the Lord gave Mary a promise concerning her undistracted lifestyle, “I won’t take this privilege from her.” Success may come and go, but sitting at His feet is a privilege the Lord will protect.

What are you doing in the name of success that is robbing you of His feet? If that is still a conversation for you, then you have not discovered the one thing most important. Choose significance over success! Do what it takes to choose His feet. If it means you have to simplify your life, let go of some responsibilities, or adjust your schedule…choose the most beautiful place of sitting at His feet and watch Him watch over His promise…”I won’t take this privilege from you.”


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