Two Words That Can Help You

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Two words that help mark Casto

By Mark Casto

15 February 2018

Shut up! (Be still!) That’s it. Plain and simple.

It seems harsh, but historically and scripturally it has been the mouth of men and women that has cost us significantly. In light of this thought, I want to share with you two areas to guard your mouth so that you don’t hinder the purposes of God in your life.

1. Complaining About Hardship

In Numbers 11:1-10, the Children of Israel began murmuring about their living conditions and started to crave the delicacies of Egpyt. Do you not remember your conditions in Egypt? You were a slave.

It has always puzzled me when talking to people who have encountered the Lord, how willing we are to settle for enslavement for the guarantee of delicacies. You have missed the whole reason for Yahweh’s intervention.

The deliverance you experienced was intended to bring you into a new identity and opportunity. In the wilderness, you are not guaranteed delicacies, but you are promised inheritance as sons. See the switch. In Egypt, you are guaranteed treats based on your performance. But as sons of Yahweh, we are promised inheritance based merely upon a relationship.

2. Criticizing Leadership Decisions

I am not asking you to check your brain at the door. However, leadership is appointed by God. In Numbers 12:1-15, Aaron and Miriam criticize Moses for marrying an Ethiopian woman. This resulted in Miriam suffering from leprosy and separation from the entire camp of Israel for seven days.

Now if you are one who always criticizes leadership you are probably already justifying your behavior. You might be saying, “God talks to me too.” Well, bad news, Miriam said the same thing. I believe many people who use their mouth to criticize leadership open themselves up to many issues of the flesh (leprosy).

Let us learn from Miriam and guard our mouths against dishonor when leaders do things we don’t understand. You could very well be dishonoring someone God will have to use later to rescue you. Get this truth, and it will save you issues later. God uses broken men to build His Kingdom. So don’t expect perfection.

There will be plenty of time to get offended, disappointed, and frustrated, but it will not be what someone did or did not do that will keep you from your inheritance. It will be how you handled offense and hardship that will determine what you receive in the process.

Guard your mouth in these two areas, and you will be safe as you approach inheritance from the Lord. There was a reason Joshua was commanded by the Lord to tell Israel to be silent while marching around the Promise. Their parents ruined it with their mouth a generation before, and they could not afford to make the same mistake.

So “shut up” or in more nicer terms, “be still and see the salvation of the Lord.”

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